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I've always been an all-black everything kind of girl at best, and a monochrome one at worst! If anything my wardrobe got a whole lot more colourful, when I started hosting shows on television and have since tried to keep things gaily colourful on my online chat channel- Sheila Lives Out Loud on Youtube! ( Be sure to subscribe for real life Kenyan Life stories)


My relationship with colour resumed normal settings once off-air, and free to swim in the deep dark waters, with the all-black brigade. But colour is wonderful! Whether it's changing the colour of your nail polish- which is an experience to behold at Ombre Nails Spa in Mombasa, or the colour of your hair- be it natural or the glorious tresses you shall find from Porsh Hair, or even all around you in the luxurious Moroccan themed Saffron Day Spa and Salon! Colour is good. Very Good!


In this issue we celebrate colour in all its glory. From vibrant beauticians, stylists and spas that set the colour wheel spinning, to wonderful women who colour our lives- and indeed our country through their work and talent!


If you like to live on the dark side, splash out on a little colour every now and then. It’s not selling out at all, and anyway, every one knows a little burst of colour looks delicious on all-black-everything!

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Salon of the Month

Saffron Day Spa and Salon located along Muthangari Drive in Westlands is an exciting Moroccan-themed facility that transports you to an exotic hideaway in Marakech- all the while still in sunny Nairobi. Right from the moment you arrive, views of the lush garden by the car park already get your mind set for a break. The water fountain in the courtyard tinkles gaily, while butterflies flitter over the carefully planted and tended plants and blooms.


Designed to take away the stress of everyday life, the décor allows your mind to relax, with strategically placed pots of aromatherapy scents, spraying bursts of delightful fragrances in the gentle breeze that wafts across the facility.

Set on two floors, aching and sore muscles, skin and bodies, are soothed and pampered in the privacy of fully ensuite treatment rooms. Treatments range from basic to advanced body and skin care regimes. Saffron facilities have all been designed with your wellness in mind, with dedicated professionals whose smiles, skill and genuine dedication to your overall wellbeing, will lift your spirits, as you enjoy the ultimate spa experience.


For the total transformation, we recommend a day spent at Saffron, where you can shake up your fitness plan with Power Vibe Studio hosted at Saffron, followed by the Moroccan Hammam treatment in your private steam room. The treatment comprises of several procedures with the use of authentic products such as the black Moroccan soap, the Moroccan ‘Ghassoul’ clay mask, and a moisturizing massage with Argan oil. Polish off your new and relaxed self, with a hair-do at the spacious full service hair salon, while sipping refreshing fruit infused water and herbal teas. An expert manicure and pedicure in the most serene setting, will ensure you are polished and ready for the world.


Combining wellness, beauty and health effortlessly, a day spent at Saffron Spa and Salon is sheer bliss. It’s about time you got the spa break YOU deserve!


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