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Rembesha is a directory and magazine for hair, product and service providers. Whether you are a young start-up, an individual stylist or an established brand, Rembesha is the platform,which allows you the presence to engage through digital media and print.


The magazine is a free copy available in Kenyan salons, spas, pharmacies and beauty shops, and is published monthly. We seek to  showcase and connect suppliers and services providers, with discerning clients and customers seeking quality hair and beauty services and products. As a directory, we have a comprehensive listing of more than 7,000 salons and stylists in the Kenyan hair and beauty industry.


Through the print, website and social media arms of Rembesha, we have a targeted audience reach of more than 100,000 women in Kenya.


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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

‘Every beginning comes from some other beginning’s end...’ One of my favourite lines from the song ‘Closing Time’ by Semisonic. It’s a song that evokes all the bitter sweet emotions and nostalgia that come with the last month of a year. Memories of the priceless moments when we were headily soaring in the clouds of our successes and the painful spells when we dragged our blistered feet from the hot coals of losses, but just like the song, these feelings are quickly overtaken by the excitement and the promise of a new year.


A new beginning, and a renewed sense of purpose in all that we do. 2017 was an incredible year, and as Rembesha we are thankful for every moment. Marking our first anniversary was a huge milestone for us. It is a feat we did not achieve alone, and so we say thank you again to every one who has walked with us and supported us. In this year we also had the pleasure of being nominated at this year’s Pwani International Fashion Awards. We received two nods- one for the Magazine/Newspaper of the Year Supporting Editorial Modelling and the other recognised me as the Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year for starting Rembesha. Being a new and young business, our focus has been to grow as fast as we can and to make a difference for our clients and audiences. Being nominated was a pleasant surprise and motivation enough to keep pursuing the passion.


As we step in to the new year we switch up our look! The magazine is now pocket friendly and easy to carry and share. The new size allows us to share more great content with you and in expanding our horizons, we are looking for you too! If you love to write about hair, beauty, fashion and lifestyle trends, see details on the right to join our editorial crew! So here’s to the new, and all the wonder that is promised!


Happy holidays and a great 2018!



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