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Check. Check. And check again.


Sage words of advise that have been handed down from childhood, and still ring true today. Being October, this means women- and men, should be making the time to check, check and check again. It is breast cancer awareness month, and while we all should know how to conduct a self breast exam by now, and are switched on to the fact that globally, this month is aimed at creating awareness on breast cancer, more needs to be done locally about creating awareness on not just breast cancer, but all forms of cancer. What care is available not just for those who have cancer, but for those who must take care of their loved ones in constant pain? What do we do to mitigate the high costs of treatment? And when possible, what can we do to prevent some forms of cancer?

In this issue we share with you details of providers who cater to clients who are battling cancer, using their range of services. From wigs, to haircuts and cupcakes, have a look and share with a friend in need! We also give a big thumbs up to the first ever Miss and Mr Albinism pageant that will be happening later in the month- show your support for people living with albinism by showing up to the event and being a part of the Beauty beyond the Skin’ campaign. Check, check and check again!




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