Rembesha Issue 4
Matis Beauty Expert

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Is all that hair yours? Can I touch your hair?

When your hair looks like a billion bob, it’s inevitable that many will question whether it’s your real hair, or outsourced hair. Even worse, some will bury their hands in your tresses looking for cornrows, glue or pins, responsible for keeping that glorious mane on your head. But whatever state of hair you may be crushing on, rise above the temptation to touch – especially when it comes to media personality and boss Ciku Muiruri’s endless locs! Take her sage advice on keeping your hands to yourself!

In this issue, we also toast to the Kenya Fashion Awards, now in its fourth year. You have nominated and voted for your favorite designers, stylists and personalities who’re not only setting trends, but are growing the local fashion industry and culture. The theme this year is ‘Celebrating Africa’, and what better way to begin than with a nod to the service providers and product makers in the Kenyan hair and beauty industry who Rembesha Kenya daily!



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