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Rembesha is a directory and magazine for hair, product and service providers. Whether you are a young start-up, an individual stylist or an established brand, Rembesha is the platform,which allows you the presence to engage through digital media and print.


The magazine is a free copy available in Kenyan salons, spas, pharmacies and beauty shops, and is published monthly. We seek to  showcase and connect suppliers and services providers, with discerning clients and customers seeking quality hair and beauty services and products. As a directory, we have a comprehensive listing of more than 7,000 salons and stylists in the Kenyan hair and beauty industry.


Through the print, website and social media arms of Rembesha, we have a targeted audience reach of more than 100,000 women in Kenya.


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Sheila's Note

After a scorching first quarter in the city, it’s wonderful to feel the crisp drafts early in the morning and snuggle deeper into bed, or race through the light drizzle for a homemade cup of cocoa when the rain begins. Yum! The heat was definitely on. But with cooler temperatures, there are all sorts of changes we must make- and your skin care shouldn’t be left behind. Skin’s needs vary for all sorts of reasons and environmental changes do have an effect on the wellbeing of your skin. Luckily sensitive skin care expert Mixa launched three new brands in the Kenyan market and we were there for the launch! Take a look at Page 5 and figure out what your skins needs are, to sail through the cooler season without missing a beautiful beat!


In this issue we walk you through an easy guide on how to choose lipstick, and hopefully save yourself a pretty penny in the long run. This article is way overdue because I’m done walking in to a beauty store and purchasing gorgeous lipstick, only to get home and put it on the next morning and wonder what on earth was I thinking? I mean, really, is it that the lighting in stores is different? Or maybe the mirrors just enhance colour better? Or maybe the lipstick changes colour overnight and maintains it’s new shade forever? If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, you’re not alone. I’ve had to abandon tubs and tubes over the years after only using them instore and never anywhere else. So good luck and get a little more from your lip service.


This month we’re also giving you an opportunity to #RembeshaMama. As we look forward to the Mothers Day May Issue, we’ll be giving you the chance to appreciate your mum- see more details below. And we’re not the only ones with something special in the offing. Check out JayneStylists special offer on Page 3 and really make your mum feel special!


Finally, we continue with showcasing the very best in the Kenyan hair and beauty industry so be sure to check out makeup artist Njanja Koby and her impossibly delightful lash line, N&K Lashes on Page 6!


Happy Easter!


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