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Rembesha is a directory and magazine for hair, product and service providers. Whether you are a young start-up, an individual stylist or an established brand, Rembesha is the platform,which allows you the presence to engage through digital media and print.


The magazine is a free copy available in Kenyan salons, spas, pharmacies and beauty shops, and is published monthly. We seek to  showcase and connect suppliers and services providers, with discerning clients and customers seeking quality hair and beauty services and products. As a directory, we have a comprehensive listing of more than 7,000 salons and stylists in the Kenyan hair and beauty industry.


Through the print, website and social media arms of Rembesha, we have a targeted audience reach of more than 100,000 women in Kenya.


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Sheila's Note

Hello September!


Back to school. Back to work. And back to the ballot for Kenya.


There’s nothing like watching history unfold, and for Kenyans, these are monumental times, that generations to come shall only be able to read about. Never have we had to vote twice in one year for a presidential candidate, but here we are, racing towards yet another election.


Ask any business owner about how their business is faring and chances, are the answer will remain the same - “Tough to keep running when customers aren’t spending”. With another election looming, even more are uncertain. However, perhaps this next season, could be the very test that every business needs to pass. It could be the call to innovate, to change, to add, or even to let go of operations that do not serve the business. This is the season that will call for all businesses- established and those just starting up - to establish systems or processes that will propel the business forward, despite the turbulence that comes with an election. What will your business do, to survive?


In this issue, we bring you highlights from the official launch of the Kenya Fashion Awards and designs from the Next Gen Fashion Weekend, where a record 33 student designers showcased 99 outfits! Many thanks to all who showed up, and voting continues on the Kenya Fashion Awards website. We wish all nominees the best of luck at the gala awards in October, and urge you to support the local industry by buying locally made garments, and jewellery - infact this month our #RembeshaMe giveaway is from Niku Channa, an extraordinary jeweller and accessories designer! Follow instructions to win this one of a kind necklace from the master jeweller!


We continue in our efforts to showcase the best services and products in the Kenyan hair and beauty industry, and are happy to share our growing platforms with fashion designers, photographers, and accessory providers who are seeking to create brand awareness, and connect with the right customers. Do get in touch with us, and let us #RembeshaKenya together!


Wishing you a great month!

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Salon of the Month

Ombre Nail Spa

It's always a rare pleasure to find a beauty business that sets itself apart, by specialising in one field, and doing so, exceptionally well. Located on the 1st Floor of Amal Plazza in Nyali, is the delightful Ombre Nails Spa. A 5-Star nail salon in the bustling coastal town of Mombasa.


Vibrant shades of lime green, sea blue, sorbet yellow, and bursts of glorious colour from luxurious shades of nail polish, play in harmony with the spotless white and stainless steel surfaces of the pedicure stations and nail tables. Mombasa- and indeed one of Kenya's best nail salons Ombre Nail Spa, has a friendly team of experienced nail professionals who clearly love what they do, as demonstrated by the care they take in ensuring the highest standards of hygiene, when carrying out complex and even basic treatments.


For an indulgent pamper session at Ombre Nails Spa, we recommend the spa manicure and spa pedicure- there's absolutely nothing like it! Hands and feet are soaked, scrubbed and cleaned in warm water, with nails getting trimmed and filed accordingly. Once that's done, hands and feet are then moisturised with rich, nourishing oils and then wrapped in warm paraffin for a few minutes.  It's very difficult to stay awake when your limbs feel this pampered, and it's perfectly alright to nod off- in fact it's recommended! But back to the treatment, once the paraffin cools, it's peeled off, to make way for a deep, soothing massage on both hands and feet with hot stones. The experience is topped with your nail polish application.


The variety of polish at Ombre Nails Spa is worth highlighting. From the award winning Akzentz range of polish- which was the 2016 NailPro Readers Choice Award winner, to the iconic NCLA Los Angeles line, it's going to be tough settling on a colour, and style. But, whether you choose nail lacquer or gel polish, push the boundaries and try quirky designer nail wraps, glitter and holographic colours.


Run by the energetic and engaging Farzana, the Ombre Nail Spa is perfect for girls get-togethers over manis and pedis, or a bridal and hens do. Pop in for the treat of a lifetime- we promise, your hands and feet will forever be grateful!




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